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Searching For Real Estate Using a Local Website

Real estate websites have become big business.  The internet has changed the way we buy homes. With companies like Zillow taking the nationwide property search to an entirely new level.  These companies aggregate real estate listings from all over the country and have tons of money to promote their sites.  They rely on real estate agents and brokers to upload listings to their database.  Its not a shock to realize that relying on individuals to update their listings manually may not end up with the most accurate database of active homes for sale.  The lack of accurate information is just one of the reasons you should not use Zillow.  So if the huge websites such as Trulia dont have the most accurate data, who does?

Local Real Estate Search

First, let us clearly say that you should always use a real estate agent when buying a home.  Why you may ask…because its FREE and you can be properly represented in the largest financial transaction of your life.  With that being said, we recommend using a local real estate website to start your search for properties.  Whether you are looking for luxury real estate or just a condo for sale, you should be using a local real estate website.   Local real estate websites offer a direct connection to the multiple listing service which is the gold standard for real estate listings.  Since you are going to end up using a local agent, why wouldn’t you take advantage of a property search that lets you see all of the listings?  Also, with real estate laws differing from state to state, your local agent or broker will have the real estate documentation that is unique to you.

Set Up a Customized Search

Once you have picked a local real estate website to use, you will want to set up your own personalized real estate search.  This will notify you via e-mail as soon as any new listings hit the market.  Don’t make your search criteria too large, since if you get inundated with real estate listings every day, you are less likely to look at them closely.  Set up the search within the area you are looking at as well as the price range and size of the home.  The best new listings get sold fast, its important to be notified as soon as they hit the market if you want to get the best deal on a new home.

Working With An Agent

When you work with a real estate agent, they have a responsibility to look out for your best interest.  Having someone on your side that understands the specifics of the real estate transaction will help insure that your sale goes smooth.  Read reviews of many agents before you pick one.  Talk to your friends and family and find out their experiences with a REALTOR.  Once you have one picked, you will want to use their real estate website for your search.  Have them set you up with the automatic notifications.  If you see a home that gets listed, you want to quickly have your agent set an appointment.  Trust your agent, they know real estate.  Take their advice, that’s what they get paid for.