Renting Out a House with a Pool

If you own a house with a swimming pool, there are a few things to consider before renting the home to tenants.

The first thing to think about is liability.  If someone gets hurt while in the pool, you may be liable under some, but not all circumstances. You need to make sure your insurance policy has liability coverage in place that protects you.  Also, it helps to make sure the renter’s insurance policy covers the pool.  Usually this would only be in case of tenant liability, but some additional coverage is better than none.  Our Inland Empire property management company requires all renters to buy renter’s insurance, so be sure to let us know if we need to require additional pool coverage of the tenant.

Next, you should consider a maintenance program before renting out a house with a pool.  Whose job will it be to maintain and care for the swimming pool?  Many landlords pay for pool maintenance, (a monthly or weekly service), or at the very least include the cost of pool maintenance in the rent.  Others require the renter to foot the bill, but this is rare and not often recommended (because of what could happen if the renter neglects it; it’s also not a good idea to ask renters to pay for expensive pool chemicals).

A third option is to maintain the pool yourself.  This may seem like a good idea initially if you are familiar with the process and believe you will stay on top of it, but you’ll want to be cautious of interfering with the tenant’s privacy.  Also, if the owner makes a habit of showing up regularly, the tenant is likely to approach you for other repairs and/or issues your property management company would normally handle on your behalf.  This can cause frustration and headaches for the landlord.

Finally, your property management company may be able to recommend a solution for maintaining the pool in your absence.  We have ongoing business relationships with many reputable and reliable pool vendors who frequently service our rental homes, so it’s easy for us to help you with this.

Renting out a house with a pool is “do-able” and doesn’t need to be a headache. Simply have a plan in place before proceeding to find a tenant, or ask your property management company to offer suggestions. For questions about renting or selling your pool home, contact us today!