Marketing Trends for Cocoa Beach

The Hottest Marketing Trends for Cocoa Beach Real Estate


Hundreds of developers are coming up with ideas every day for Cocoa Beach real estate. It does not matter if you are looking to buy a home or sell a home, there is a trend that fits your needs. Do some ideas get pushed aside in favor of something else? Yes. It is impossible to please everyone.


Some trends are hard to ignore though. That’s what makes a real estate agents job so hard. They want to give everyone a fair shot, but sometimes that is impossible to do. Buying or selling a home is about making a profit. Some ideas do not make a profit.


What does fit into that scope?


There are a few trends that are taking the lead this year. These trends might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they do satisfy the need of the moral majority.


The Aerial Masterplan 3D


Developers also call it the “bird’s eye view.” It gives the client a view of what the yet-to-be-constructed house is going to look like when it is finished. The tools are 3D. They give the client and developer an exact idea of what the property is going to look like once it is completed. This view includes everything from the exterior spaces and the road network.


Exterior CG Renderings


This trend is somewhat new to the market, but it is already becoming very popular amongst developers and clients alike. This trend focuses on the elevation and the landscape elements. Clients and developers can see what the property is going to look like from that perspective once it is complete. Some of these renderings are used in online brochures and other publications. It might be more technical than the others, but it is exact.


The Curved Screen Theater


You see what your house is going to look like on the large screen. The screen curves at a 100-180 degree angle. You are going to swear you are sitting in a movie theater watching a movie. This trend is one of the latest used in animations and walkthroughs. The client walks in and zooms in. You can zoom in on different aspects of the house. It takes your old school projection technology to the next level. You can take this screen to the next level by using 3D visuals. Clients can view their yet-to-be-constructed home on screens between 20 and 50 ft. high. It is that impressive and detailed.


FYI: This trend is one of the more popular tools real estate agents use for their clients.


Augmented Reality


This trend combines the real world and the virtual world into one. You just need a PC with a webcam, smartphone, or a tablet. 2D and 3D floor plans are the two most commonly used to show a client. Developers also use overlays with interactive action to advertise the homes in online publications and brochures.


The Magic of Holographic Imagery


Do you remember when Justin Timberlake performed that homage to Prince using that holograph image, even though Prince has gone on record as has never liked them? That is what this is, except they use broader tools to define the home. Clients can view their potential home at a 360-degree angle.


The Multi-Touch Experience


You and your clients can engage using an assortment of multi-player tools. Just tap and go. The experience can be viewed in different sizes, including 32 inches and 84 inches.


Smart Scale Models


These models use something called “zone lighting.” You can control it from your iPad, touch pads, or whatever device you have handy. You can see your property with extremely high accuracy. There is no detail left untouched.




No matter what your cup of tea, you cannot deny the tools used in real estate have come a long way. What some of us would have jumped at the chance to use these in the 80’s. Trends come and go. However, the relationship that a client has with their agent stays the same. The tools just enhance the relationship a little bit more.