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History of Online Education

Online education has become a very popular option for a variety of degrees.

get your real estate license onlineIn the past, many have chosen to use online schools for a variety of degrees, such as a degree in nursing to take advantage of the job openings in healthcare.   The success of medical degrees online providing jobs in rehabs, hospitals, urgent care facilities, emergency rooms and doctors offices has created a boom in online adult learning and education.


Becoming a REALTOR

In the past, to become a REALTOR, you needed to sit through months of classes and then pass your real estate exam.  Because many people that choose a career in real estate have an existing job already, taking off of work to sit for hours in a classroom simply was not an option.  Now, with the influx of online classes, you can now become a real estate agent while keeping your existing job.  Now, online real estate courses have changed all of that.

How Online Classes Change The Industry?

Its important to remember that may real estate agents take on real estate as a second career.  Meaning many REALTORS have retired from another job.  Whether they were in the military or a teacher, they have spent the majority of their working life in another vocation.  Now, with online tests, people can continue to earn an income at their existing job while training to become a real estate agent.

How Long Does It Take To Earn Income As A REALTOR?

The first step in becoming a REALTOR is finding the best real estate school.  Another reason that many people take on a career in real estate AFTER finding success in another job is because it can take quite some time to start earning a living in real estate.  It is not uncommon to work in the real estate industry full time and earn very little your first few years.  That is why many real estate agents drop out of the industry in the first 24 months.  People that have a second income, whether it be from a retiring from another job or a spouse, it provides the new agent with the financial ability to establish themselves in the real estate industry.  With online courses to become an agent becoming so popular, people can continue earning an income in their past vocation while establishing themselves in real estate.

An Average Day As A REALTOR