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Eviction Shield 


We at Beeline Property Management certainly hope that none of our clients ever have to endure the unpleasant and untimely frustration of an eviction.  Beeline takes great care in screening and selecting good tenants for all of our clients.  Unfortunately, an eviction can happen to anyone no matter how well a tenant is screened.  Even renters who are well qualified at move-in can encounter serious life-changing situations requiring a termination of tenancy (loss of employment, reduction in work hours, pay cut, death in the family, divorce, etc). When tragedy strikes, not only may a renter become unable to pay rent, they may find it even harder to move out quickly.  When a tenant does not pay rent and does not move out, the only legal recourse is to file for eviction.  

Typical evictions can cost between $800.00 - $1500, with the expense being paid up-front by the homeowner.  As is most commonly the case, when a tenant is evicted, they are often seriously behind on rent, too.  By the time everything is added up, the tenant’s security deposit is rarely able to cover all of the owner’s damages.  And while successful evictions usually result in an owner’s judgment against the tenant, judgments do not always cover all the costs an owner may suffer.  Examples of such costs that might not be included in an eviction judgment are the Sheriff’s Writ (Lockout) fee, Locksmith fees, unpaid utility bills, HOA fines, and any repair expenses for physical damage to the property discovered after the tenant is evicted.  

Beeline’s Eviction Shield is a meaningful solution to much of the cost and burden associated with an eviction.  Up-front court costs and eviction fees are no longer of concern for you, saving you more than a few hours of worry and lost nights of sleep wondering how to pay for an unexpected eviction while your tenant is not paying rent.   

Please be aware, while the Eviction Shield covers most or all out-of-pocket costs associated with a standard eviction, coverage is not provided for lost rent or physical property damage.  To protect yourself against lost rent and property damage, we also offer a Rent Shield and Property Shield program to protect you from losses in these areas.  For the best all-around protection, check out our Ultimate Shield, which covers you in all three areas for a reduced overall price.     

Beeline will pay legal fees and court costs up to $2150.00, as specified in the table below, for costs associated with an eviction for any/all tenants placed in property by Beeline Realty & Property Management.  For any eviction action that results in jury trial, or should owner elect to secure their own attorney, Beeline will pay for such fees, but shall be limited to the categories of expense and amounts specified in the table below.   


Eviction Shield Limits of Coverage Table:


Coverage Limit

Legal Document Service


Court Filing Fee


Attorney Document Preparation


Attorney Court Appearance Fee


Property Manager Court Appearance Fee


Riverside County Sheriff Lockout Fee


Locksmith Charge – ReKey up to 3 Locks


Enrollment in Beeline's Owner Shield Services is permitted for any new lease initiated and executed by Beeline Property Management at any time up to the first 30 days of a new tenancy.  For more information about our Shield Services and to take advantage of protections for your rental property that you won't find with any other property management company, contact Beeline Property Management today.  

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